New Page Builder Plugin: f(x) Builder

Update: f(x) Builder Now Available!

This is the 3rd day of working on my own WordPress Page Builder plugin. And this is the current progress:

I was looking for a WordPress page builder to use on my own sites, but I can’t find one that “fit”. All seem too complex.

The one that I really like is “Make” Theme, it’s simple. but it’s theme dependent, and I want to be able to use it on any theme.

So two days ago I start working on a page builder plugin that I (and my clients) can actually use.

So, I create a simple one (I did steals some UI and ideas from Make theme, but everything is coded from scratch).

Note: I also create a tutorial series in how to create your own page builder. You can read the first tutorial here: Create Your Own WordPress Page Builder Plugin From Scratch.


  1. Raphael Ramos


    you will make available your page builder when it is finished?

    I was also looking for an option to page builder and they were all extremely complicated or confusing, and I enjoyed the visual result and use of experience that you achieved.

    You could make available this 3-day working version so I can see how you get that result?

    • David

      yes, I’ll make this available at,
      you can follow my twitter to get updates.

      the version above is not available for public.
      you want to see how I get that result? what?

  2. Raphael Ramos

    Hi David. How is the development of the page builder?

    You could put the current code on github so we can follow the development and help where possible.

    I am very excited to see your plugin working.

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