Wifi Booster using Android Phone


Yesterday, I rented a work space. 5x4m , bathroom, AC, for kinda-an-office (I heard that separating work-space and house can improve productivity).

But apparently the wifi signal sucks. It works but sometimes the connection in my laptop stop for no reason. It’s not disconnected, but simply won’t open any webpage like there’s no connection. Updating driver, changing device setting, etc don’t work.

But it works fine on my mobile devices.

So, I try to use my android phone USB tethering feature and apparently it works like a charm. So the phone will get the internet via wifi and transfer it to my laptop via USB. (So, my phone works like an USB Wifi Adapter).

Works well on my old android phone. Nice and simple solution. So, if this happen to you, and you have unused android phone, you can use this method.

Note: I tested this method with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) / 5.0 (Lollipop) and Windows 10 laptop. No additional driver needed. Just plug and play.

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  1. Nachum Eliyahu

    Great idea!
    Btw, how the separating work-space and house work for you? can you confirm an improvement in productivity? 🙂


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