What Features To Build in Premium WordPress Theme

There are 3800+ Free WordPress theme available in WordPress.org Theme Repository. Premium theme business is hard because there are tons of free options available.

Of course, to make a user spend $50 for a theme is not easy just by “pretty design”. Theme need to set it self apart from the “free” version so this upgrade worth the money.

Here are several features usually added in Premium version of a theme (other than pretty design + support):

#1. Plugins Support

I create another post about this topic:
List of Popular Plugin for Theme Developer

#2. Page Builder

Drag and drop UI with tons of module to create columns, etc. Popular option:

#3. Front Page – Page Template

One theme bundled several front page template for landing page etc. Usually also have “widgetized” page template (if not using page builder).

#4. Sliders

Sliders… Sliders everywhere..
Usually custom slider with image upload+links options, and featured post slider pulling data from post.

#5. CPT Portfolio

Custom design for portfolio. It’s best to use external plugin for the CPT.

#6. CPT Testimonial

Custom design for testimonial. It’s best to use external plugin for the CPT. Complete with carousel or sliders embed-able anywhere using shortcode/widget.

#7. Tons of Widget Areas

Tons of widgets areas. Sometimes even ability to create unlimited widget area/sidebar (weird).

#8. Google Maps

To easily display location (complete with marker) anywhere in any page (usually using shortcode). Useful for about page/front page.

#9. Business Information

Phone number and address in header area. Some (restaurant theme) also have “opening hours” information via widget/settings.

#10. Boxes, Buttons, etc.

Easily create elements with various design option. Usually using shortcodes.

#11. Team information

Display team information with social links, etc.

#12. Make Money Feature

  • eCommerce plugin support
  • Ads Widgets
  • Adsense support (before content ads, after content ads).

#13. Google Fonts

All 600+ google fonts to confuse the user.

#14. Unlimited Colors

So user can have unique design.

#15. Social Account Links

To display link to various social account.

#16. Automatic Updates

No one want to use FTP to update. Also cut support question about updating theme.

#17. Custom Post Widget

Display posts with tons of option: display thumbnail, excerpt, from category/tag, etc.

#18. Tabbed Widget

Display latest post, popular post, latest comment, post tag, in one widget.

Other Features:

  • Layouts (left/right sidebar, full width)
  • Author Box
  • Back to top button
  • Breadcrumb
  • Related Posts
  • Share Button (Floating)
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • SEO Optimized (?)
  • Light Weight (?)
  • Lazy Loading
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Responsive/Retina Ready
  • Create child theme instantly