Author: David

I'm David, web designer/developer specializing in building functional websites using WordPress. I have strong skills in theme development using Hybrid Core framework and plugin development. It's okay if you want to hire me.

Just did a quick redesign of this site using beta version of Genbu Theme. I love post format, and i plan to use more. Also use a new (beta version) Custom Content Portfolio plugin by Justin Tadlock. and I love it.

It’s been a while…

Just a oldie photo. I haven’t got a time to do a reflection for 2012 and set a target for 2013. Browsing from my old photo bring back fun times i have with my friends. Easier time. We didn’t hang out a lot like we used to.

I need that kind of spirit right now. In this rough time.

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea

Dynamic Widget Class for WordPress Sidebar Widgets

WordPress sidebar widget is Awesome. But unlike post class and body class, the widget do not have dynamic class name. For example you need to apply a certain style to every second widget in your sidebar, or to give no padding/margin to last widget in footer sidebar. There’s another alternative using css, to target first, last, or order of elements using nth-child, but i think this solution is simpler and better. Read More Dynamic Widget Class for WordPress Sidebar Widgets

JQuery: Sticky Float Share Button, Menus, Widget, Sidebar etc.

I never like the ideas of floating share button, or ads widget, i always think it will distract reader from the main content. And content is the King. However, i’m curious about how to do this, and because i have almost zero knowledge about javascript and JQuery it took me almost 2 days just to figure out this simple script. Thank god i found a great tutorial by Andrew Henderson: JQuery Sharebar. Read More JQuery: Sticky Float Share Button, Menus, Widget, Sidebar etc.

Add Editor Style from Plugin

In WordPress 3.0.0 WP introduce add_editor_style() function to easily add custom stylesheet for WordPress TinyMCE visual editor. But you can also add them from a plugin.

It’s useful if you add a plugin to add dropdown style in visual editor, or you can also use this in a theme, if your theme add a visual editor in front end because add_editor_style() only load in admin. For example for bbPress supported theme. Read More Add Editor Style from Plugin

Enable Send Email in XAMPP

xampp-gmailI use XAMPP lite 2.5 USB version, and the thing i hate about it is that i cannot test email notification in my WordPress install. This is very crucial to test eCommerce site so i can meke sure the system deliver email to user, or in bbPress to check user subscription is working, and you can also be creative and use it for a very simple email newsletter, etc. Read More Enable Send Email in XAMPP