Author: David

I'm David, web designer/developer specializing in building functional websites using WordPress. I have strong skills in theme development using Hybrid Core framework and plugin development. It's okay if you want to hire me.

A man who wishes to make profession of goodness in everything must necessarily come to grief among so many who are not good.

Therefore it’s necessary to learn how not to be good, and use this knowledge and not use it, according to the necessity of the case.


WordPress Visual Editor: Page Builder, Shortcode, TinyMCE

Content in a site is the main dish, and creating content in WordPress is simple. WordPress uses TinyMCE as content editor, we can also spice up our content with shortcodes to create complex content layout.

Last month I launch A simpler way to create buttons, boxes, even column in WordPress Visual Editor. It’s still very limited in term of functionality, but it’s amazing to know that we can do this in WordPress default content editor.

Building Restaurant Site in WordPress

But what if we can do this?

I was working on a restaurant site and i need a simple way to create restaurant menus (food menus, not navigation menus) so the restaurant owner can create easily create food item, re-order food item, delete food item, upload photo of food item, add price, etc. Read More WordPress Visual Editor: Page Builder, Shortcode, TinyMCE

How to add “Next Page”/ “Page Break” button in WordPress Editor

In WordPress we can separate post/pages using <!--nextpage-->. It’s hard to remember the tag, and you need to add it using “Text” editor, not visual editor. This is  how you can add “Next Page” or “Page Break” button in Visual Editor, Just like this:


It’s very simple, you can add this code in your theme/child theme functions.php or add it in a functionality plugin. Read More How to add “Next Page”/ “Page Break” button in WordPress Editor