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I'm David, web designer/developer specializing in building functional websites using WordPress. I have strong skills in theme development using Hybrid Core framework and plugin development. It's okay if you want to hire me.

It’s mango season here in Indonesia. 1 kg for less than $1. I’d love to share some picture, but i already ate them all.

Whichever path you choose, there are always lingering thoughts of the road not taken. That’s why there are no choices without regrets, and no one right answer to life. All you can do is believe that the road you’ve chosen is the right answer, and turn it into the right answer. The right answer to life is to believe that you don’t regret your past choices and live on.

WooHoo.. This is so cool…

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I can zoom and scroll horizontally a lot easier on mobile browser than using regular desktop browser. Why do they make it all one column? Where is the sidebar with all the useful links, popular posts, latest comments, etc. Why something as important as sidebar have to be at the bottom of the page when i can just use my thumb to slide and access the sidebar?

Do your user/visitor really need one column fluid layout responsive design? Do you? 0

Better Responsive Design with `wp_is_mobile`, Why Responsive Design is Not Enough

What is wp_is_mobile ?

wp_is_mobile is a WordPress function to detect user/visitor browser using user agent string. Some might think that this method is like prehistoric era. An era before we have responsive design. Web developer use user agent string to serve different website content to mobile user or redirect to mobile site, something like

So why WordPress, a CMS of the future have this function? Why WordPress still need this and use this function all across admin pages?

What Responsive Design Cannot Do

Responsive design is awesome, we can style based on browser width so the design can be useful and better for user using any device.

But there’s one problem…

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Thank you BlackBerry for making BBM available for Android. Now i don’t have to pay $10/month for BBM service anymore.

Now, what should I do with my BlackBerry phone?
Maybe I can still use it as a calculator. 0

Having fun while designing WordPress theme with dual monitor and live.js

EEEPC 1025CE Dual Monitor
EEEPC 1025CE Dual Monitor

I never thought that dual monitor will be very productive and fun. I don’t even open several windows in my monitor because it’s too distracting. I always open each window in full screen.  But not anymore with live.js and dual monitor.  It’s really fun ! Read More Having fun while designing WordPress theme with dual monitor and live.js