2012 Reflections – 2013 Goals

Yeah, i know. It’s almost February. But it’s never to late to do this. 2012 have been a great year but things don’t turn out like I planned. I want to make it as simple as possible, and of course this goals should me achiveable.


  1. I create my first theme club Genbu Theme.
  2. I started this blog, cause i don’t really like my old site.
  3. I stop working at my family grocery store, and do full time web development.
  4. I build 13 skin plugin/design for Genbu Theme.
  5. I build 6 plugin for Genbu Theme.
  6. I contribute on Hybrid Core Development for Chat Post Format feature.
  7. I build no site for adsense. Just maintaining old sites.
  8. I never work out.
  9. I smoke alot.
  10. I eat too much candies and chocolates.


  1. I plan to create 10 new themes. Some for Theme Hybrid.
  2. I plan to get at least 30 clients for web dev job.
  3. I plan to create 5 plugins.
  4. I plan to create at least 1 skin design for Genbu each month.
  5. I plan to create a new theme club.
  6. I plan to get at least 200 new member on Genbu Theme.
  7. I plan to build 6 new adsense site.
  8. I don’t plan to stop smoking.
  9. I don’t plan to stop eating candies and chocolates.
  10. i plan to eat more ice cream.
  11. Have fun more.

2013 til today (26 January):

  1. 3 new member on Genbu Theme. 197 to go.
  2. 2 new plugin. 3 more to go.
  3. I eat chocolate.

Okay! Let’s do some stuff…

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