From Development to Deployment, My WordPress Dev Workflow

It’s not always easy to develop a WordPress site. Specially a complex site. I have switching and changing my workflow. Each and every site is unique and not every workflow is suitable for every case. I always try to get things done as soon as possible. Not because i have to, or because i’m a productivity nuts. But i lose focus very easily, specially when i develop my own site.

Right now i i use a very simple workflow to develop WordPress site, WordPress Theme, or Plugin. This is step by step what i did. Read More From Development to Deployment, My WordPress Dev Workflow

Disable Sidebar and Widget Without Plugin

Sometime we need to disable sidebar / widget area conditionally, The most popular option is to use Widget Logic Plugin, or you can try my plugin: Atomic Widget (update: no longer available). But if you prefer manual way, maybe for client site where you don’t want to confuse them with extra settings in widget you can do this easily with this code. Read More Disable Sidebar and Widget Without Plugin

Just did a quick redesign of this site using beta version of Genbu Theme. I love post format, and i plan to use more. Also use a new (beta version) Custom Content Portfolio plugin by Justin Tadlock. and I love it.

It’s been a while…

Just a oldie photo. I haven’t got a time to do a reflection for 2012 and set a target for 2013. Browsing from my old photo bring back fun times i have with my friends. Easier time. We didn’t hang out a lot like we used to.

I need that kind of spirit right now. In this rough time.