First Rule in Selling, Do Not Try To Sell

Years ago. i used to be a salesman for almost four years. All this time I haven’t able to connect it to internet marketing. I think it’s time for me to go back and try to understand online marketing in a new perspective (or maybe old perspective).

Don’t focus to sell the product, because they will see you as another salesman, not as someone they can talk about their business. They will see you as someone who wants to make profit from them, someone try to steal the eggs in their basket.

Do not close the deal because we have better features. We may have the best product today, but there’s always a new startup come with new innovation and better features.

Never close the deal because we have cheaper product. Because they’ll switch to another product just because $1 difference.

And last but not least, do not sell just because we can close the deal. We are looking for life time business partnership. Check their background, see if the person running the company is a “good guy”. We want our effort for them appreciated, for each of our clients, we need to help them grow their business with our technical support, our knowledge, and our connection in the industry. And make sure, they make more profit, make more sales, after they decided to be our partner.

Of course, that not all.