How I Make Lunch

This is how I usually make my lunch.

#1. Add Rice.

Add rice

#2. Add vegetable side dish

That one is Gudangan/ Urap. Mixed vegetables with seasoned/spicy grated coconut. Very tasty.

Add vegetable#3. Add another vegetable.

I like vegetables. This green stuff on the right is stir-fried (kinda like) spinach. Also some chili peppers. So both actually a little spicy.

Add another vegetable

#4. Add sambal.

Sambal is a sauce made of chili peppers. To give even more kick.

Add sambal

#5. Add some meat.

I need some protein. This time it’s snails 🐌🐌🐌. Snails is good. it’s chewy and tasty. Sometimes I eat fried fish, squid, or egg.

Add snail or any meat

#6. Add gorengan.

Gorengan literally mean “fried stuff”. It’s a mix of vegetable or tofu or anything with batter and deep fried it. It’s very similar to korean jeon. This one is Mendoan, made from tempe.

Add gorengan (mendoan)

#7. Mix it. and enjoy.

This combo is actually good.

Mix it and eat.