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Tungdo did something interesting.

But I’m not interested. It was like building bbpress theme, or buddypress theme.

I think it’s something wp core need to do. If use to steal post format from tumblr. They should do it again for better admin UI. (And they are doing it right now)

However admin theme plugin (alpha) by Justin is awesome. (Didn’t know it was so simple)

From Development to Deployment, My WordPress Dev Workflow

It’s not always easy to develop a WordPress site. Specially a complex site. I have switching and changing my workflow. Each and every site is unique and not every workflow is suitable for every case. I always try to get things done as soon as possible. Not because i have to, or because i’m a productivity nuts. But i lose focus very easily, specially when i develop my own site.

Right now i i use a very simple workflow to develop WordPress site, WordPress Theme, or Plugin. This is step by step what i did. Read More From Development to Deployment, My WordPress Dev Workflow

Disable Sidebar and Widget Without Plugin

Sometime we need to disable sidebar / widget area conditionally, The most popular option is to use Widget Logic Plugin, or you can try my plugin: Atomic Widget (update: no longer available). But if you prefer manual way, maybe for client site where you don’t want to confuse them with extra settings in widget you can do this easily with this code. Read More Disable Sidebar and Widget Without Plugin

Dynamic Widget Class for WordPress Sidebar Widgets

WordPress sidebar widget is Awesome. But unlike post class and body class, the widget do not have dynamic class name. For example you need to apply a certain style to every second widget in your sidebar, or to give no padding/margin to last widget in footer sidebar. There’s another alternative using css, to target first, last, or order of elements using nth-child, but i think this solution is simpler and better. Read More Dynamic Widget Class for WordPress Sidebar Widgets

Add Editor Style from Plugin

In WordPress 3.0.0 WP introduce add_editor_style() function to easily add custom stylesheet for WordPress TinyMCE visual editor. But you can also add them from a plugin.

It’s useful if you add a plugin to add dropdown style in visual editor, or you can also use this in a theme, if your theme add a visual editor in front end because add_editor_style() only load in admin. For example for bbPress supported theme. Read More Add Editor Style from Plugin

Pro WP Plugin Dev Book Review

I love this book, i bought it from for $27.06. get this book (aff link).

I highly recommend this book to all WordPress-er, from beginner to expert. I’m a newbie in WordPress Universe, and i learn a lot not only about WordPress Plugins, but also about WordPress Theme, cause it’s important to understand how plugin can interact with theme.

Did you ever play game, and try to find cheats and walk-through so you can finish it. It’s just like that, This book will guide you from start to finish. Professional WordPress Plugin Development Book covers from a very basic how to structure a plugins, how to create shortcodes, to advance WordPress API like WordPress Rewrite APIs, cron jobs, Custom Post Types, and how to integrate non-WP page with WordPress.

Here’s the book content. But first, about the author:

The Authors

Justin Tadlock

Justin Tadlock is the founder of, which is a popular site that focuses on WordPress themes and plugins for beginner to advanced-level users. He often writes about WordPress on his personal blog,, which has a large following.

He has a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing and journalism from Auburn University. He also studied software engineering for two years. He has developed Web sites for over seven years and has focused mainly on WordPress for the majority of that time, releasing many popular plugins and themes along the way.

Most important, Justin’s passion is teaching, which carries over into his love of writing and development. He spent 14 months teaching English in South Korea but now spends his days teaching people how to use WordPress and build successful Web sites. Trust me, Join, you won’t regret it.

Ozh Richard

Ozh Richard started using WordPress in 2004, at version 1.0.1, published his first WordPress powered website in May 2004 and his first plugin in August 2004. Since, he has never stopped to watch WordPress grow and evolve till the most used CMS it is today. Visit his site: planetOzh

He has developed several popular WordPress plugins, won an Annual WordPress Plugin Competition and he’s now an official judge. He is known to share high quality WordPress tutorials and to maintain WordPress related tools that make the WordPress developer life easier.

Ozh’ areas of expertise are WordPress, PHP in general, and jQuery. When not coding WordPress plugins or playing Quake, Ozh develops YOURLS, a popular self hosted URL shortener that is, of course, free and open source.

Brad Williams

bradBrad Williams is the CEO and Co-Founder of He is also a co-host on the SitePoint Podcast and the co-author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development. He was one of the original co-hosts on the WordPress Weekly Podcast and still joins the show on occasion. Brad has developed websites for over 12 years, including the last 4 where he has focused on open-source technologies like WordPress. Visit his blog:

Brad has given presentations at various WordCamps across the country. He is also the organizer for the New Jersey WordPress Meetup and the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup. Brad also co-organized WordCamp Philly on October 30th, 2010. Brad founded, a company dedicated to building custom WordPress plugins.

Brad is a computer programmer and tech junkie who enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Genbu Theme, a WordPress theme club (no longer available, new site: Genbu Media ) is just a simple theme club, one time payment for lifetime. I try to make it as simple as possible. I use eShop plugin to handle payment and user registration, bbPress for support forum, Wysija plugin for member Newsletter, Dowload Manager to handle members download, i also write several Custom Post Type plugin for Child Theme and Plugin section. Read More Genbu Theme, a WordPress theme club