Yet, a scary thought crossed my mind. I felt like I was ripping everyone off this time. I didn’t really do such a great job, but the atmosphere was really like that….

So, before others take notice, I need to quickly raise my standard. I have to work hard and change these bubbles into solid soap.

– IU

O God! sometimes I wish that there had never been a religion, because that which should unite mankind into one common brotherhood has been through all the ages a cause of strife, of discord, and of bloodshed. Members of the same family have persecuted one another because of the different manner in which they worshipped one and the same God. Those who ought to have been bound together by the tenderest love have turned with hatred from one another. Differences of Church, albeit in each the same word, God, is spoken, have built a dividing wall between two throbbing hearts. I often ask myself uneasily: is religion indeed a blessing to mankind? Religion, which is meant to save us from our sins, how many sins are committed in thy name?

— Raden Adjeng Kartini (Letters of a Javanese Princess)

They’re talking about a fantasy,
They’re making up another fantasy,
They’re talking about a fantasy,
They’re making up a story,
So that they can control you and me.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

—Richard P. Feynman

“One is not allowed to execute commands on production which one has not written into a procedural document, executed on the staging environment, and recorded the expected output of each command into the procedural document, with a defined fallback plan to terminate the procedure if the results of the command do not match expectations.”


Sadness bloom as cosmos flowers at the train station.
You’re the aromatic scent that blows by.
I will build a castle on top of the fluffy clouds.
I’ll open my windows toward you, the windy windows.