Jetpack Complex is a term used to describe a piece of software, a plugin or a theme in WordPress universe, that attempts to do too much and becomes painful to use for the user. An example of Jetpack Complex would be a plugin to display video that also tries to be your spelling and grammar checker program, sharing tool, and even contact form, resulting too much hard drive usage, server memory, and user time for maintenance by updating the part of the software they don’t actually use.

Simple Mobile Browser Detection using Javascript

In earlier post about wp_is_mobile() I explain that we can use wp_is_mobile() WordPress function to design theme by adding wp-is-mobile body class and use it in CSS and Javascript/jQuery.

But @samikeijonen mention that similar method was removed from twenty fourteen theme because if we use page cache/html cache the result will also be cached.




So I think the best way to use wp_is_mobile() is to also detect mobile browser via javascript/jQuery using this simple code: Read More Simple Mobile Browser Detection using Javascript

“One is not allowed to execute commands on production which one has not written into a procedural document, executed on the staging environment, and recorded the expected output of each command into the procedural document, with a defined fallback plan to terminate the procedure if the results of the command do not match expectations.”


Shellcreeper’s shell indicated how fast it was – green being the slowest, red being faster, and purple being the fastest.

Call Me Oppa! – Rose Motel and Noh Hong Chul (Rose Jaw)

This song is from Infinity Challenge Variety Show (Freeway Festival Series). Infinity Challenge is so fun with BoA and G Dragon and other artist guests write a song with the members and do a Festival. This song is so unique and perfect for live show. Lot’s of other group sing this song in their live performance.

Read More Call Me Oppa! – Rose Motel and Noh Hong Chul (Rose Jaw)