No Longer a Grass-Hopper

So, On January 1st, 2017. I moved to a new place. It’s a small house kinda in the middle of nowhere.

In 2016, I was always moving from one place to another every couple months and rent small room on monthly basis

(like a grass-hopper, jumping around from one place to another)

So, I decided to move to a bigger place. And the one I could afford to rent is the one a little far from the center of Semarang city (around 20 km away).

It’s a cute little house.

The land is pretty spacious at 120 m2, The house itself, I think it’s less than 50 m2. 2 bed rooms, I use one as working space (the one with a lot of sun light). Living room that practically empty at the moment. Kitchen that is outside the house (back yard?).

It’s cool. the temperature.

It’s located in hill-area. The air is clean. I don’t need to turn on AC all the time like I used to. I guess it will help a lot with electricity bill.

But it’s also a little humid. I believe this area used to be a forest. When I first clean up the house, I found some of the furnitures were infected by molds.

It’s not as bad as it looks. Probably because it’s currently rainy season here in Indonesia. And it rains every single day.

No cable internet connection

There are no Internet cable provider here yet. But one neighbors said this January/February several internet service provider will be available (hopefully).

So, now I’m on metered connection via LTE Mifi. Which is enough speed to do work and stream videos. Although at times not really stable. It’s reasonably priced as long as I don’t watch YouTube much πŸ™‚

No mosquitoes.

Which is weird. No rats too. I only see one cockroach (a dead one). But there’s a lot of others bugs, like ants, ladybugs, grasshopper, and spiders, specially tiny spiders (they are everywhere).

And at least a dozen of other creatures I haven’t seen before. Like this cute baby dragon:

Suicide tree

Couple days ago one neighbor panicked when they found out that the tree outside their house (each house have one, mine too) is a poisonous tree because their kids were playing with the fruits.

You can read more about the tree here:

I think they use this tree to repel rats (but I could be wrong).

But it’s good to know that there’s a very good solution just outside my door if I decided to give up my life one day.

It’s not exactly in the middle of nowhere.

It’s a growing area. Papa Ron’s Pizza is 5 minutes away. KFC and Giant super market is 10 minutes away. Gym and Sports Club also available.

Pretty lake.

There’s a beautiful lake nearby too. Which is awesome.

It’s a bit hectic this week, but hopefully, I will be more productive and healthier this year. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this decision.


  1. Erik Joling

    Hi David, you don’t know me (I bookmarked your website a while ago because I like the design), but I enjoyed your story. I sincerely laughed at your remark about the suicide tree. Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards from the Netherlands!

  2. Gevio Tabaku

    Hey David, I just found out your website and I really like the design of it and the posts you make! Great work keep doing what you do!

  3. Umut

    Congrats from Turkey. Thanks to you, I learned how to add page-break button into text editor of wordpress. Your wordpress design is wonderful, keep up with good work. Thank you!


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