Today I just reached 10.000+ Active Installs ! (WordPress themes and plugins total)

I know it’s not that impressive. but 😏 YEY! anyway.

it’s pretty embarrassing actually. 15 plugins and 10 themes.
but still happy for this milestone.

You go to the doctor and he tells you that you have a bacterial infection that will never, ever go away. It will literally eat away a crucial part of your digestive system unless you do a chemical treatment twice a day, every day, and do painful semiannual follow-up treatments with your doctor … for the rest of your fucking life. Sure, it’s not a death sentence, but the sheer weight of it kind of makes you want to give up — you can just see this burden stretching out in front of you, forever.

But, of course, I’ve just described brushing your teeth.



Jetpack Complex is a term used to describe a piece of software, a plugin or a theme in WordPress universe, that attempts to do too much and becomes painful to use for the user. An example of Jetpack Complex would be a plugin to display video that also tries to be your spelling and grammar checker program, sharing tool, and even contact form, resulting too much hard drive usage, server memory, and user time for maintenance by updating the part of the software they don’t actually use.

Shellcreeper’s shell indicated how fast it was – green being the slowest, red being faster, and purple being the fastest.

Telkom, Largest Internet Provider in Indonesia Block Vimeo

I understand why they block piratebay, torrent sites, porn sites, etc.
I even understand why they block Metacafe few years ago.
But F! They block Vimeo. Vimeo? Really?

What a dirty way to make money 🙁
(They redirect all sites/pages they block to a page full of ads.)

I can zoom and scroll horizontally a lot easier on mobile browser than using regular desktop browser. Why do they make it all one column? Where is the sidebar with all the useful links, popular posts, latest comments, etc. Why something as important as sidebar have to be at the bottom of the page when i can just use my thumb to slide and access the sidebar?

Do your user/visitor really need one column fluid layout responsive design? Do you?

Thank you BlackBerry for making BBM available for Android. Now i don’t have to pay $10/month for BBM service anymore.

Now, what should I do with my BlackBerry phone?
Maybe I can still use it as a calculator.

Tungdo did something interesting.

But I’m not interested. It was like building bbpress theme, or buddypress theme.

I think it’s something wp core need to do. If use to steal post format from tumblr. They should do it again for better admin UI. (And they are doing it right now)

However admin theme plugin (alpha) by Justin is awesome. (Didn’t know it was so simple)