To Do List Overload


I feel that I try to do too much this time. Not only I’m busy with client work, but I also have tons of unfinished project. It’s time to be honest and list all what I want to do and prioritize my tasks.

For this month tasks, you can check my blog post at Genbu Media

March 2016 Recap – April 2016 Roadmap

Plugins & Themes Tasks:

  1. f(x) Updater
  2. f(x) PRO
  3. Tamatebako Framework
  4. Penny Pro
  5. New Themes* + Plugins*

And each of this tasks is “big tasks”.

f(x) Updater

This plugin is iteration of AutoHosted plugin. It’s going to be free plugin, more extendable, and fix several issue with AutoHosted (such as multisite compatibility).

Basic functionality is there, but need tons of time to debug and testing. Admin panel also not yet done.

Estimate to complete this project: 4 – 6 days

f(x) PRO

This project has a lot of feature (modules), and use ACF PRO flexible content (still unsure if it’s a good idea or not).

Page Builder:

Simple page builder.
Status: Completed.


Simple slider with minimum options.
Status: (maybe) Completed.
Maybe To Do: Content Slider (Post/CPT)


Simple gallery, offer improvement for WP Gallery, such as adding link to each image, etc.
Status: Completed.

Google Maps:

Embed Google Maps with ability to add multiple marker in one map.
Status: Not done.
Estimate time needed: 1/2 – 1 day.


Simple testimonial plugin, width testimonial rotator/slider.
Status: Not done. Maybe not needed.
Estimate time needed: 1/2 – 1 day.


Simple portfolio plugin.
Status: Not done. Maybe not needed.
Estimate time needed: 1/2 – 1 day.

Food Menus:

Food menus plugin, for restaurant to display menu in pages.
Status: Not done.
Estimate time needed: 2 days.

Tabs, Toggle, etc:

Simple tabs and toggle plugin. Create tabs/toggle/accordion/etc and display in page using shortcode.
Status: Not done.
Estimate time needed: 1 day.

HTML code embed:

Simple HTML code that can embedded anywhere. Useful for ads/repetitive content.
Status: Maybe completed.

Opening Hours/Business Hours:

Display opening hours. Maybe using widget/settings with shortcode.
Status: Not done.
Estimate time to complete: 2 days.

Tamatebako Framework

This is my theme framework. Need a lot of improvement.

Layout System Improvement: 2 days
WooCommerce + Popular Plugin Support: 3 – 4 days
WP 4.5 compat (logo/mobile viewer) : 1 day

f(x) Updater: 4-6 days.
f(x) PRO: 6-8 days.
Tamatebako: 6 – 7 days.
Penny + Penny Pro: ??
New Theme + Plugins: ??

So, for this month (April 2016) I only have 2.5 weeks left. So I will need to pick what’s important and work fast.

This week I’m going to focus to f(x) Updater and complete and release the project before moving to another task.

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