Series: WordPress AJAX Tutorials

You Don’t Need “wp_localize_script()” to Get “admin-ajax.php”

The most common method to use AJAX in WordPress is using admin-ajax.php + WordPress hook system.

And one of the recommended method to get this file URL is by using wp_localize_script(). This method is explained in details in my other tutorial WordPress AJAX for Beginners.

However, there is an alternative method.

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WordPress AJAX for Beginners


In recent projects I use AJAX more, and I think it’s time to share my knowledge. This tutorial is just a simple guide to understand the basic about using AJAX in WordPress.

To follow this tutorial you will need to understand the basic of:

  1. Simple jQuery / JavaScript
  2. Simple PHP
  3. How form works
  4. Register and Enqueue Scripts in WordPress
  5. Register WordPress shortcode (example plugin)

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