Preparing for Zombie Apocalypse (Ep. 1)

Zombie Apocalypse

Simple Question: What would you do if in 3 years. 1000 days from now, there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse?

I was thinking about that yesterday. And I think I’m going to die first. I’m fat, and can’t run very fast. So I decided to go to the gym.

To the Gym

I met Tommy, the gym instructor. So, with his guide, I tried out almost all equipment relatively quick, 12 reps per set, 3 sets total for each. Tommy said “slow down, take a break.” but because I didn’t really feel much, I kept going. and then a second later. BOOM! 

Suddenly, I felt something like short-circuit in the back of my head. It was painful. and then I can’t hear a thing, I felt tingling sensation all over my body. I open my eyes, and everything is spinning. I can’t control my breath. All I can think is “Damn, I going to die. And it’s not because of zombies. but because of stupid gym”.

Several second later, all back. I can see normally, I hear clearly, and I said to Tommy “I think it’s enough for today”. But I can’t even stand. So I just sit there trying to catch my breath, I can’t stop sweating. I have no energy left. 30 minutes later, I stand up to take a bath. I the bathroom, I puke several times. The headache in the back of my head didn’t go away all night.

Worst experience ever.

Will I get back to the gym? Well, I still don’t want my brain eaten by zombies. So, yeah.