How to exclude folders in Notepad++ search

In Notepad++, one of my features that I use a lot is “Find in Files”. If you ever use this feature, I’m sure you will agree that it’s a very powerful search (and replace) feature.

The problem is that Notepad++ search feature cannot exclude folders.

In WordPress plugin/theme project I often need to use Grunt or Gulp or Composer and it generate folders such as “node_modules”. And it’s usually very large in size with tons of library and codes.

I usually move them to other directory before I search, but I found a very simple trick to exclude it. Read More How to exclude folders in Notepad++ search

You Don’t Need “wp_localize_script()” to Get “admin-ajax.php”

The most common method to use AJAX in WordPress is using admin-ajax.php + WordPress hook system.

And one of the recommended method to get this file URL is by using wp_localize_script(). This method is explained in details in my other tutorial WordPress AJAX for Beginners.

However, there is an alternative method.

Read More You Don’t Need “wp_localize_script()” to Get “admin-ajax.php”

Today I just reached 10.000+ Active Installs ! (WordPress themes and plugins total)

I know it’s not that impressive. but ๐Ÿ˜ YEY! anyway.

it’s pretty embarrassing actually. 15 plugins and 10 themes.
but still happy for this milestone.

Help! I Can’t Find The Right WordPress Contact Form Plugin

In WordPress we have a lot of options to create contact forms. But I can’t seem to find the best solutions. I even think to create my own contact forms plugin.

My Requirements Are:

  1. Responsive.
    Not only in form output/front-end. Administration panel need to work in mobile devices. Well, at least usable, I understand that some features might need to be hidden/disabled in small screen devices for usability and UX. But not broken.
  2. Use WordPress UI:
    Seamless integration with WordPress, native-feel. I’m not a fan of app-like fancy UI. Professional. No excessive branding with cute icon/logo. If possible no cross-selling of add-ons/upgrade (or easy way to disable it).
  3. Simple and easy to use:
    User need to be able to use it without the need to learn proper form HTML markup.
  4. Little to no learning curve:
    No excessive features, I just need a contact form not a shopping cart, not a user registration form. If the code base is extendable and able to do all this via add-on that’s a plus. But it’s not necessary and not needed in the “core” plugins.
  5. Theme and Template Friendly:
    Can be added in a page template, any template file, no need to be in the “loop”. Simple shortcode to display the form should work with do_shortcode() function.

So, basically, something basic that I can use on my clients site and that’s it.

Of course anti spam features (maybe custom honey pot or integration with recaptcha/akismet) is also a requirements.

Here are several of my issue with current contact forms solutions (not in particular order):

Read More Help! I Can’t Find The Right WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Why Do We Ask: Whatโ€™s Your Budget?

I didn’t ask this question a lot. But recently a client linked to an article, possibly to make sure I didn’t ask for their estimate budget for the project (which is fine):

The Worst Question To Ask Your Clients: “What’s Your Budget?”

The article covers some valid points. Asking budget question might be a sign for:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Signal of deception
  3. No value
  4. No due diligence, etc.

But I don’t always agree. In some case asking for budget is totally fine. Read More Why Do We Ask: Whatโ€™s Your Budget?