IU – Naui Yetnal Iyagi (My Old Story)

iu-my-old-storyIU comeback,
her voice makes my heart ring like a bell.
Simply beautiful.

Sseulsseulhadeon geu golmogeul, dangsineun giekhasim-nikka?
The gloomy alley, do you remember?

Jigeum-do, nan giekhamnida.
Even now, I still remember.

Sarang-gandan mal motago. Aetaeudeon geu naldeureul, dangsineun algo isseo seum-nikka?
Without words of love. Days gone by in waste, did you know about that?

Cheol eobseotdeon jinan narui, areum-dapdeon geu bamdeureul.
Our immature past, those beautiful nights.

Ajikdo do, nan saranghamnida.
Right now, I still love them.

Chereop-deon sarama, geudaeneun naui modeun geo-seul, aseuryeo hana mujeonghan sarama.
You naive one, you’re taking away, my everything, you heartless person.

Sujubeoseo mal motaenna? Naega sirheo mal anhaenna?
Maybe you were to shy to say anything? Did you not like me?

Jigeum-do, nan al su eobseoyo.
Now, I still have no idea.

I noraereul deutneundamyeon, naegero wajuo.
If you listening to this, please come to me.

Geudaeyeo, nan gidarimnida.
Please come find me my dear, I’m waiting.


Mujeonghan sarama…
You heartless person…

I bando naui modeun geo-seul aseuryeo hana, cheol oepdeon sarama.
The night’s taking away my everything , you naive one.

Oneul bamdo, naeil bamdo, geurigo geu daeum bamdo,
Tonight, tomorrow night, and all the night after that,

Yeongwonhi, nan gidarimnida.
Forever, I’ll be waiting.


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