How To Remove 301 Redirect Cache in Chrome

It is a bit annoying that chrome don’t have a Clear Redirect Cache functionality.

Example use case:

  • 301 Redirect incorrectly added from https://abc.test to https://abc-false.test
  • We visited the abc.test and got redirected to the abc-false.test
  • It was incorrect, we updated the redirect to from https://abc.test to https://abc-true.test
  • We visited the url https://abc.test, but it still redirect us to the incorrect url (abc-false.test)
  • This is because chrome cached this redirect.

The workaround very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the other URL in the source domain. example: https://abc.test/some-url
  2. Open DevTools (right-click > inspect)
  3. Navigate to Console tab
  4. Type this code and enter.
fetch('', {method: 'post'}).then(() => {})

you will see the script running and print something like:

> Promise {<pending>}

And that’s it. Try to visit the https://abc.test and you’ll redirected to the right URL.