Sadness bloom as cosmos flowers at the train station.
You’re the aromatic scent that blows by.
I will build a castle on top of the fluffy clouds.
I’ll open my windows toward you, the windy windows.

Clarissa RubiekaFew days old niece. Clarissa Rubieka.
Born 20th May 2014, 12:55 PM (GMT+7)

My parents so happy for new family member. Their first grand-daughter.

Telkom, Largest Internet Provider in Indonesia Block Vimeo

I understand why they block piratebay, torrent sites, porn sites, etc.
I even understand why they block Metacafe few years ago.
But F! They block Vimeo. Vimeo? Really?

What a dirty way to make money :(
(They redirect all sites/pages they block to a page full of ads.) 0